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12/04/2019 8:14 pm  

Look-up + Live is an initiative conceived by two accredited Safety Spotter services in Victoria concerned by the apparent limited knowledge of regulations & best practices when working around electrical hazards in the open on worksites around the state. It's not intended to replace guidelines & directives from official regulators & authorities, rather it's an additional information channel and means of communication & discuss those.

I will repeat the disclaimer that appears on the Home page:

It is NOT intended as legal and/ or professional advice and no liability is accepted for any consequences attributed to content on this site, nor any & all third party links. We do not guarantee that all information is up to date. You should ALWAYS seek further independent advice.

Anyone with an interest in Occupational Health and Safety around power-lines is welcome to register and and participate in the forum. That includes spotters, regulators, OH&S managers and their clients/ potential clients.

Don't be afraid to ask questions or participate if you have something to contribute by way of your own experiences, anecdotes or knowledge. Ask questions if you have doubts or questions. Hopefully someone can provide the answer(s) or point you in the right direction.

We don't intend to be overly authoritarian in moderating these forums but the normal rules of good behaviour & social etiquette will be applied. The usual rules apply to spam, abuse, bullying, harassment and discussion of any non-relevant and/or controversial topics including (but not restricted to) politics & religion. All that is banned and may result in a personal ban for severe or repeat offences. Please go somewhere else on the internet for that.

If you have something to sell or services to provide we have a section for that on this forum. If you wish to come on board as a sponsor or more actively involved perhaps as resident expert or moderator, please contact us by PM.

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Please be aware that this website is still a "work in progress" and there could still be some bugs. PLEASE LET US KNOW if you come across one - or you feel something doesn't quite look 100%.
The same goes for links on the website. These change sometimes, so do click on them occasionally and let us know if one is dead or has changed.
The good news is that our web developer has completed a relatively minor enhancement for the forum page, but one that will be welcome by users: the ability to embed images with your comment/ posts. It's effective now. Please just remember the same rules apply for image content as for the rest of the forum.
BTW: We'd like to express our appreciation of the excellent work done by Amod over the past 2 months in the design and development of the website & forum. If you'd like to avail yourself of his dedication & talents for your own web project feel free to contact him on this link. He can also offer offer solutions and services in Open Source Systems, Cloud and RPA.
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