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Website upgrade - new features


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If you're new to this forum or haven't checked in recently you might have missed a few subtle upgrades on these pages. Previously the (old forum) pages were basically text-only, with "attachments" (such as images & videos) possible - but they were the "link-only" type. You had to click on the link (which can be risky if it happens to be a spam-type post with malicious intent).

From now on you can do the following:

1. Post an image direct to the page. It will appear in your post or comment by default.


When you are on the "new topic" or "comment" page the option "Attach files" will appear just below the text box.

attach files

Simply click on that paper-clip icon and a menu will open up on your device to select the image file to upload. It's as simple as that. The image should take a few seconds to upload and will automatically be embedded with your post or comment.

If you've previously uploaded the same image, it's even easier. Simply select "My Media" instead. All the previous uploads are automatically saved there and you can select from there without uploading again. Hint: give the image an appropriate name before uploading (eg I've named the above image "tangledwires.jpg") which makes it easier to locate later.

2. Post a video file direct to the page. It works the same way; just select a MP4, MOV or similar video file. You can also embed audio files such as MP3s. 


3. Insert a YouTube video (or videos from other sharing sites such as DailyMotion)

Simply select & copy the YouTube (or similar) link - and then embed it as a link on your post or comment. The video will appear automatically once you've saved your post.


4. You can create a poll (such as the one at the top of this thread)


Select the "Create Poll" option below your text box.

5. You can embed these cute emojis



Select the smiley icon in the bottom RH side of the text box. A choice of different emoji types will pop up. Just click on the one you want to insert.

6. We now have a direct Facebook feed from our linked FB page


Just click on the "Social Media" tab on the top menu for this site. Anything posted on the linked FB page will mirror on that page, but note that it's only "inbound". If you want to share anything from this forum to your own Facebook timeline, then you can select the "Share" option next to the FB icon on the bottom LH side of the page.


7. In the coming weeks we also hope to incorporate a blog page

Stay tuned for an announcement when that happens.


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Looks good.

Having the YouTube videos embedded on the page is a plus.

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