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Log-ins and challenge questions - spam protection

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Thanks to @rocky for alerting me to this. He had an issue on this forum recently; when logging in he got this pop-up complete with "challenge question".


These type of "challenges" are not unusual on the internet, but they have varying degrees of difficulty. This particular one from SolveMedia requires typing 3 random words into the text box as well as the email address and a "reason for request".

The challenge itself wasn't directly from myself, but done automatically by an anti-spam plugin I've recently installed on the website. So far it seems to quite effective, but some would argue, TOO effective.

I've tweaked the settings a little to replace the challenge question with the more familiar Google "tick box" (V2)


It's simpler & should satisfy the "I'm a human" test to prove you're not a bot. Twisted  

If you do ever come across this, please just complete your email address# so I can also add you to a white list. I did that for Rocky and should help to make sure it doesn't challenge the member in future.

# You don't need to enter anything in the message box but you may if you prefer just type in what you were doing eg "logging in" or "commenting".

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thank you Admin much better.

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