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First degree burns from high-vis shirt


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With summer around the corner this might be something to keep in mind.

A Perth doctor is warning of the dangers of wearing high-vis shirts in direct sunlight, after what she believes is the world's first case of burns from retro-reflective tape.

There may be millions of users around Australia each day wearing some form of high-viz and hundreds of thousands of those with some retro-reflective tape, but this is a single incident that happened early 2018.

Three precautions come to mind:

  1. Stay out of direct sunlight if possible. Shelter in shade.
  2. Wear a second layer of clothing (such as a singlet) underneath.
  3. If permitted on the job site, have a spare shirt without retro-reflective tape for daytime use.

Does anyone disagree or have any other thoughts?

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Seen that just before on the CFMEU facebook page, quite disturbing information

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